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Feeling trapped in a state of "stuck" and aching with an "empty" core?If you're nodding your head, trust me, I get it.The hollow pain of losing a parent, being an empty nest mother, struggling with menopause, losing one's identity, turning to entrepreneurship after three decades in finance, all at inspired the same time inspired me to live a holistic life with more meaning and purpose.Navigating losses taught me the importance of giving time and space for healings.As a Transformation and Life Purpose Coach, my mission is all about making a meaningful difference. I'm here to support amazing women like you in their journey of self-expression and healing, helping you create your own beautiful pebbles of joy. Through the power of community and personalized coaching, I create a warm and welcoming space where women can confidently embrace and navigate every facet of their livesAre YOU ready to pave the Pathway of New Possibilities?If you're intrigued by the notion of exploring fresh horizons and embracing new possibilities, I invite you to book a complimentary 1-1 assessment call with me today. This is where the journey begins—an expedition into the realm of self-discovery and empowerment.Yes, my Dear friend, You can ACT in ease to take the very first step of a new transformational journey by booking free of cost call with me.Book a complementary 30 minute free assessment with me today today!Let's embark on this beautiful voyage together!

Change and transformation, comfort, hope, and positivity


"I took an access bars session with Anju as I was in the mental state of exhaustion due to running around to get an event launched. The session with Anju helped me let go and relax to tap into the present moment. It was a grounding experience reminding me that its okay to breathe and relax. Anju holds space for you with love and gentleness and helps you get comfortable very quickly. Highly recommend getting in touch with her to anyone looking to tap deeper into themselves!"
- By Neha Mologu

"When I came to Anju I was having a stiff neck muscles and stress and tension in my head. Anju worked on giving me Access Bars session and I felt relief from tension and stress in my head and neck and I felt very light and happy and deeply relaxed. I would recommend Anju to anyone seeking a rejuvenating experience any day"
- By Lavanya Malladi

Juliet Hamby works at a multi-national bank. She engaged with me for 1-1 coaching program which I customize based on my client needs. We have worked together for a few short months now. In this video, we talk about Juliet's journey and transformations so far."I was excited and scared when I signed up my assessment call for life coaching sessions with Anju Puri. Very quickly Anju calmed my fear and had me so at ease that I could openly share my thoughts and needs. She shared observations, elicited insight with questions, provided resources in many formats, and displayed genuine desire to connect and encourage. I feel my time with Anju has been a great investment in my growth and would recommend her services" - By Juliet Hamby

"When I was going through ups and downs of life, I realized life-coaching session is needed. Life coaches work with individuals to identify and describe current problematic areas in personal or professional life for an individual to change them. Anju is a life coach who is approachable, personable, friendly, helpful. She is empathetic and have a lot of patience to guide you in right direction"
- By Ruchi Agrarwal

"I attended "Self-Love Women's Circle" workshop with an open mind set and out of curiosity and boy the whole session was truly awesome and techniques offered for self-love and self care were too good! It was conducted by very knowledgeable and wise life coach Ms. Anju Puri in a serene ambience and in positive environment! Ms. Anju Puri was beaming with radiance when she talked about how we need to serve from our overflow.. that you can only give love to others when your cup is not only full but when its OVERFLOWING with it. Additionally, I learnt what is self reflection and how to handle my emotions through "Mirror gazing technique". I met some like minded people at the workshop which was an icing on the cake! Also, got introduced to Access Bars method which definitely gave me an increased sense of peace and ease! The whole experience was very eye opening and empowering one and definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for tools and techniques to reduce daily stress of life with much energy and enthusiasm!!"
- By Neha Mehta

Customized Workshops for Community and Organizations

  • Lean-In: Sisterhood Community Circle - A free offering open for all to come to a safe space for connection and mindfulness

  • Customized Workshops: A Day of Healing - Customized workshops incorporating various Catering to your needs.

  • Topics, including but not limited to, Self-Love, Yoga, Self reflections (Inner child work, Mirror-work), breathwork, handling grief, nutrition, leadership and much more!

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